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June is already half way over its involved a lot of healthy decisions for my mind, body and soul. I am officially down 4.6 pounds since May 18th and haven’t drank an Arizona ice tea since then either, both of these are a big accomplishment since its my drink weakness, and I haven’t lost this much in all my attempts to lose a little bit of weight and get fit, each time its a pattern that never works.

Also on June 15th, I rode on the back of Kris’ motorcycle with him for the first time in all these years, he was so excited and happy that I did it. It was indeed fun. That day we went to a cookout at the Shrader’s and watched UFC at night while playing Monopoly.

Work- we all know how I feel about my job’s management and well, they finally switched the schedules around. I think I will be committing work suicide the next two weeks. [ Saturday 12 hours, Sunday 12 hours, Monday 12 hours, Tuesday 4 hours, Wends 12 hours, Thurs-Sun OFF] so come next Thursday June 27th I will be excited and probably passed out.

Since next Friday I would’ve normally worked Molly and I couldn’t make plans, but now we are having a GIRLS NIGHT aka Dinner and going to see Kid Rock in concert, so I am glad at least that worked out in our favor. She also bought our BSB tickets for August.

Currently: I am catching up on my shows since I have off today, I have barely watched tv in the past two weeks, and if it has its been sports or a movie. The Fosters seems like a pretty good show so far, next up PPL.

<3 Jen

updating for anyone who cares

I am a sucker and do have a tumblr now, though lj always has my heart, life has been crazy hectic ever since starting this new job, and I am always tired, and then try to maintain friendships on top of it all. Ever since moving to Frederick we only really hangout with a few people because everyone says the drive is to far or has an excuse. Getting closer to the Shrader's is fine by me. We kicked off January ringing in the New Year at a bar called Bailey's, it was an ok night I was exhausted from working a 12 hour shift, then going out and didn't make it to bed until 4am, so I had almost been up 24 hours. On New Years day Jin, Ivy, Kris and I went to the Maryland men's basketball game followed by me going to the Wizards game with Molly & Denice. I was still doing bowling league on Thursday Nights. On Jan 6th a bunch of us went to the Redskins vs SeaHawks playoff game and tailgated, even though the skins lost it was a VERY AWESOME DAY. I was also spost to go see Yellowcard with Vinna this past month and work got in the way making me have a wasted ticket, SO MAD. The 24-26th was filled with fun, UMD ladies vs UNC basketball game, went to Kim/Jay's to sleepover eat dinner and play Taboo all night, and then my stepbrother and his girls engagement party.

Kris & I celebrated our 7 year anniversary on Jan 29th, and many people were saying when the hell is he going to propose, calm down now calm down it will happen when it happens. We ate dinner that night at Red Lobster to celebrate. He made me a website for my gift, super cute and thoughtful.

Now we are rolling right on into February, I am busy working of course, and his busy time is about to start tomorrow again, so here's to not seeing much of each other and messed up sleeping patterns for the month.

Fun events scheduled that I know of tho:
* Skeet Shooting with Kim and Jay
* Vday dinner/casio night @ Mid evil Times with the Shrader's
* My family is coming up from Florida to celebrate my cousin Daniella's 1st birthday with a huge party.
* MD woman vs Duke game

Hold on for the ride <3.

Lauren and I

Jan 29,2013

7 years with Kris

Year in review 2012

Writing this to remember 2012 highlights for my own knowledge.

Jan 2012:

*Rang in January 2012 while living in Mount Rainier at Jay's parent house where we took endless patron shots, and played some basketball at 2am outside.

* Went to a Caps vs Flames game with my friend Mike

* Said goodbye to Ander though he returned a I think it was two months later

* Saw Sparks the Rescue, Hit the lights and & D.R.U.G.S at the 9:30 club with Mike, and fell in love with Craig Owens and his craziness.

* Celebrated 6 years with Kris @ Joe's Crab Shack and found out how over rated it really was.

Feb 2012:

* V-day dinner was at Carabba's with the Oshiros

* Went to a lot of Maryland woman's game this month

* Alicia & I decided we were going to Honduras and bought our plane tickets and raised some money while at work.

* Kris and I had an addiction to Chipolte and I think this month had it every Sunday.

March 2012

* Kris turned 26 and I turned 27

* Jin, Ivy, Kris and I attended the Lakers vs Wizards game, and I got to see my man Steve Blake in a Laker jersey.

* Celebrated with Alicia and Elmer by going to Chuckie Cheese

* Work bought me an ice cream cake and pinata, and that same night afterwards there was a big birthday bash at Ander's house for Kris, Heath and myself. I don't remember half the night , I do know Jeremy & Alexa came. I got very very very sick and hungover the next day, causing me to almost miss my birthday dinner at Seasides with my family. I ended up having a very shitty seafood dinner that night.

* On St. Patrick's Day - Heath, Erika, Kris and I went duck pin bowling and while they had green beer , I drank water with green food coloring in it.

* At the end of this month Kris and I took a road trip down to Raleigh NC and had a great time at the Woman's NCAA tournament, we had the best seats thanks to my uncles hookup.

* Ended up going to a Charlotte Bobcat vs Celtics game while there, and I had a super yummy meal at a little place in Charlotte.

* Saw the Hunger Games with Alicia after being obsessed over the books

April 2012

* Went to a glass making class that I had bought off living social or groupon

* Tried to do the C25K and failed to finish it =/

* My Grandmother had passed away a year ago

* Had dinner in Tyson's with Molly & we saw American Reunion

May 2012

* Last minute picking up extra shifts at Armand's so I could have extra money for Honduras.

* Went to Bamboozle Day 2 with Molly in NJ , saw Jimmy Eat World on the beach and got separated for hours from Mollz, met up with Jess and her husband, Motion City Soundtrack played and then we met them.

* May 23rd - Mike and I went to see THRICE at the Howard where Lisa and Vinna were there too, this was a great experience.

* May 24-June 2nd = HONDURAS to help build a school for SHH with Alicia, the best experience of my life & my first time out of the US. Highlight of my year!!! Besides building the security wall like a boss/finishing the flooring of the school while getting concrete burns, I went in a waterfall cave and didnt die, zip lined, ate to many baleadas, got tipsy in a honduran bar, learned some MMA moves at a class, had very little sleep, an awesome tan, & went to Tela beach which was crystal clear blue waters.

June 2012

* The after effects made me miss Honduras, I worked a lot at Armand's and wanted a new job even more so than every before.

* Signed my lease for July for Applegate in Frederick

* On Father's Day we had a crab feast at my uncles house with my family

* Went to the Lake Anna with Alicia and Elmer for two days following a much needed rest for all three of us. While there I swam, took in a beautiful sunset, & read a whole book, also cut my foot a bone went through my filp flop to then cut me.

* Anni & Nick got married on June 23rd, and that was a blast I was a dance machine. Danielle and I had drunk fun afterwards in Giant.

July 2012

* Moved my life to Frederick Maryland

* The heat wave this summer was crazy hot, went to an O's game it was 101 out and Molly and I sweated but it was fun, after wards ate at Noodles and Co in the harbor and then we saw Motion City Soundtrack.

* 4th was Celebrated on the roof of FMH parking deck which as fate has it would later be my new place of employment. Fireworks and friends was all we needed this night.

* Went to OC for two days with my family & experienced the Crab Bag

* on the 23rd after work I went to celebrate Jin's birthday at Iron Age which was just about to open up

* 24th was when I turned 10,000 days old and went to Warped tour with Molly - had a lot of highlights this day: Met my fave band NFG, got a pick from NFG while in the crowd.

* 25th- Summerland Festival @ Wolf Trap with Molly - saw Sugar Ray

* 27-29th = OC with the crew aka F U hurricane irene party

Aug 2012

* While still commuting from Frederick to Armands all the time I was getting sick of it and secured myself a new job mid month at FREDERICK MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, aka 1 mile from my apt.

* watched a ton of the Olympics

* on Aug 11th CJ got married, another beautiful and dance filled night.

* went to red lobster and caught up with Molly

* Went to mustache night at the Key's game with the Shrader's aka fun filled night

* this month was filled with me having blood work and all these required shots and pokes for the hospital job

* fantasy football drafts and yahoo screwing up

* Went to the Baysox game with TK & Lunchbox

* Friday Aug 31, 2012 was my last shift at Armand's where I had worked for almost five years.

Sept 2012

* Started the month seeing UMD vs William and Mary football game/ eating crabs/ celebrating my new job with the Shrader's and watching comedy shows so funny we all had tears in our eyes this night.

* Sept 5, 2012 = Started my new job at FMH

* worked OT every single week this month

* Went to frederick in the streets

* Did the Color Run in Washington DC with Kris, Alicia, Elmer, Donnie and Alicia's mom.

* Frederick Fair Night with the Oshiros

* Got my flu shot which was required by my job

Oct 2012

* Continued working OT every week this month

* Celebrated Jason's birthday by going to the Melting Pot with the Shraders and Kris. YUMMY!!!!

* Oct 7th my friends Jon & Shannon got married it was very beautiful fall themed.

* Kris and I attended O's vs Yankees World Series match up the game they won .

* Played some baseball outside on my weekends off

* Went to my cousin Jake's flag football game

* Somewhere in October I moved from working on 4G south to 3B aka bigger section of patients and at first was hating life. But before I got switched floors I got the sweetest letter which later found out never got to my higher up boss even when I gave it to a manager to give to them.

* Football Sundays when I had off at the Shrader's became the regular

* Oct 23rd I went to see Alanis Morissette at Fillmore with Molly, Marise, Emily and people.

* On Halloween I worked

Nov 2012

aka concert month

* On the 3rd went to Chic N Wings for Molly's "late" birthday celebration with some karaoke , sang GC & Blink182.

* Saw Motion City Soundtrack for the millionth time with Molly & Alex on the 8th

* Saw Yellowcard with Vinna at Ramshead on the 15th, while bowling league started the same night.

* Grandmom's Boy night with the Shrader's happened

* Thanksgiving we went to my aunt's in olney and the Redskins BEAT the Cowboys

* Picked Secret Santa names at Ander's house one night

* On the 23rd I was spost to go see All Time Low at the Sold out show at Ramshead with Molly, but I got really sick with a bad headache that night after work, and for once in my life had to miss a concert that I had tickets too :/.

* Nov 27th- Kris and I saw Sum41 at the Fillmore

Dec 2012

* Kicked off the month with a holiday get together at out apartment where my old coworkers even came

* Bowling league continued through the month

* bought our Christmas tree

* my uncles Christmas holiday party on the 7th which of course was off the hook

* On the 11th I went to see NFG with Vinna and Lisa at Recher in Towson and just like always they OWNED.

* work had its holiday thing on 12-12-12

* on the 16th went to my dads for dinner as his birthday was the day before

* bought Shameless season 2

* attempted to get Bieber tickets for Anni and me but that didn't work out.

* Christmas Eve I worked and then we went to my dad's for dinner, board games and gifts. It also snowed this night when I was walking out of work completely white.

* Christmas day we went to my cousins house and woke up to some snow still on the ground.

* On the 28th we went to Red Lobster for dinner with Jose and Andy for Jose's birthday

* The 29th - my Saturday off and a full day of fun we went to the Men's Maryland game vs Delaware State, Zoo lights in Washington Dc with the Shrader's & then to Bailey's in Germantown for the UFC fight night with zillions of other people, Dos Santos vs Cain Velasquez, Lauren & I had a blast this day.

* Dec 30th- rematch of Redskins vs Cowboys for the NFC Championship at the Shrader's, REDSKINS WIN RG3!!!! , decided that we were all going to go to the playoff game vs Seahawks and therefore I would need to negotiate my next Sunday off of work.

Wow wow wow what a blessed year I just want to say thank you everyone for being a part of this and I can not wait to have tons more new memories and life lessons in 2013!!!!!!!!

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Game 2 of the ALDS Monday Oct 8,2012
We froze, we laughed, we cussed, we cheered , we won 3-2.

Come on O's tonight a must win lets do this.

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Beasting out at this new job

Started Sept 5th- 7th= 25.5 hours

Sept 10-15 = 50 hours

Paycheck 1

( OT 10 hours )


Sept 16-23- 47.5

Sept 24- 29 - 42 hours

(OT- 9.5 hours )


Sept 30- Oct 6 - 49.5 hours

Oct 7- 13 - 42 hours

( OT - 11.5 hours )




Getting tested for medical clearance!!! got a new job working at a hospital as a dietary aide - Start Sept 5th wooo, my last day at Armand's is on Aug 31st so sad but bittersweet.

Cj & Kiki's wedding AUG 11, 2012

Best friends & now neighbors - Us & the Oshiro's

The boys line up for the garter toss LOL

Me & my boys for life- boyfriend, CJ, Jose, Heath & Pinkesh

I took tons more photos but they are on facebook, and the wedding was really beautiful and Caribbean heritage themed with steal drums and all .