Jennifer (jenzee) wrote,

updating for anyone who cares

I am a sucker and do have a tumblr now, though lj always has my heart, life has been crazy hectic ever since starting this new job, and I am always tired, and then try to maintain friendships on top of it all. Ever since moving to Frederick we only really hangout with a few people because everyone says the drive is to far or has an excuse. Getting closer to the Shrader's is fine by me. We kicked off January ringing in the New Year at a bar called Bailey's, it was an ok night I was exhausted from working a 12 hour shift, then going out and didn't make it to bed until 4am, so I had almost been up 24 hours. On New Years day Jin, Ivy, Kris and I went to the Maryland men's basketball game followed by me going to the Wizards game with Molly & Denice. I was still doing bowling league on Thursday Nights. On Jan 6th a bunch of us went to the Redskins vs SeaHawks playoff game and tailgated, even though the skins lost it was a VERY AWESOME DAY. I was also spost to go see Yellowcard with Vinna this past month and work got in the way making me have a wasted ticket, SO MAD. The 24-26th was filled with fun, UMD ladies vs UNC basketball game, went to Kim/Jay's to sleepover eat dinner and play Taboo all night, and then my stepbrother and his girls engagement party.

Kris & I celebrated our 7 year anniversary on Jan 29th, and many people were saying when the hell is he going to propose, calm down now calm down it will happen when it happens. We ate dinner that night at Red Lobster to celebrate. He made me a website for my gift, super cute and thoughtful.

Now we are rolling right on into February, I am busy working of course, and his busy time is about to start tomorrow again, so here's to not seeing much of each other and messed up sleeping patterns for the month.

Fun events scheduled that I know of tho:
* Skeet Shooting with Kim and Jay
* Vday dinner/casio night @ Mid evil Times with the Shrader's
* My family is coming up from Florida to celebrate my cousin Daniella's 1st birthday with a huge party.
* MD woman vs Duke game

Hold on for the ride <3.

Lauren and I

Jan 29,2013

7 years with Kris

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