Jennifer (jenzee) wrote,

June is already half way over its involved a lot of healthy decisions for my mind, body and soul. I am officially down 4.6 pounds since May 18th and haven’t drank an Arizona ice tea since then either, both of these are a big accomplishment since its my drink weakness, and I haven’t lost this much in all my attempts to lose a little bit of weight and get fit, each time its a pattern that never works.

Also on June 15th, I rode on the back of Kris’ motorcycle with him for the first time in all these years, he was so excited and happy that I did it. It was indeed fun. That day we went to a cookout at the Shrader’s and watched UFC at night while playing Monopoly.

Work- we all know how I feel about my job’s management and well, they finally switched the schedules around. I think I will be committing work suicide the next two weeks. [ Saturday 12 hours, Sunday 12 hours, Monday 12 hours, Tuesday 4 hours, Wends 12 hours, Thurs-Sun OFF] so come next Thursday June 27th I will be excited and probably passed out.

Since next Friday I would’ve normally worked Molly and I couldn’t make plans, but now we are having a GIRLS NIGHT aka Dinner and going to see Kid Rock in concert, so I am glad at least that worked out in our favor. She also bought our BSB tickets for August.

Currently: I am catching up on my shows since I have off today, I have barely watched tv in the past two weeks, and if it has its been sports or a movie. The Fosters seems like a pretty good show so far, next up PPL.

<3 Jen

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