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Warped Tour 2012 with the bestfriend - July 24,2012

Summerland festival with the bestfriend - July 25, 2012

Jenzee & Molly1984 always LJ <3

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Back from Honduras safely, missing the hell out of the kids and Caitlin who's back in Greensboro,NC. The one on the far left is my coworker Alicia who I went on the trip with. Both of these ladies = my lifeline heart and soul that whole week.


for those who care/ my own knowledge too.

stuff is about to get crazy in a good way <3.

Life has been kinda busy lately, If I think things are hectic now, the next few months are going to be AMAZING!!!! Never has my summer been laid out like this, its about to go down <3.

April 22nd- DAY OFF , Watch Caps vs Bruins and relax

April 24th Tuesday- pick up glass fusion project after work [ I did a living social class last week and made a glass plate, its due to pick up from fire this coming week].

April 23-28th - working a 55 hour work week if all the shifts go according to plan C-R-A-Z-Y and bank. [ while still fitting in gym time , atleast Monday, Wends and Friday for the c25k program iv been doing for three weeks now].

May 19th & 20th- Dirty Jerz BAMBOOZLE day 2 with Molly/ Spending the night in Philly

May 23rd- THRICE @ Howard Theater with Mike http://iwishicouldaparate.tumblr.com/ and hopefully running into Lisa http://www.hellosuburbia.com/ and Vinna there <3.

May 24- June 2nd - HONDURAS with Alicia = 10 days of freedom from work, and the best experience my life is going to have. 2 days exploring and 8 days building a school and making lasting memories, I CANT WAIT!!!

June 10th- Joel’s birthday celebration in EC- Might go Might not haven’t decided.

June 17th- Father’s Day

June 23rd- Anni & Nicks wedding <3

End of June TBD date- Moving to Frederick, MD to a two bedroom, FINALLY more space.

July 1- Motion City at Ottobar and O’s game with Molly… Girls day in Baltimore.

July 4- FIREWORKS my fave holiday

July 24th- WARPED TOUR MD - NFG & Yellowcard

July 25th- Summerland concert at wolf trap- Sugar Ray, Marcys Playground, Gin blossoms, Lit, Everclear.

July 27-29th- OC trip with the crew, rented out 2 apartment style places fun & shitshow <3.

Aug 11- CJ’s wedding <3

BUSY and going to be happy during all this, lets just have a stress free few months for once. Moving at the end of June though could also send my world into a downward crazy too so ahhh.

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Raleigh & Charlotte North Carolina
March 25-27, 2012

Small sample of photos from my phone since I can't upload the ones off my camera currently.

Charlotte, NC

Crabtree Lake - I could have sat there all day if we didn't have a game to go to that night.

Back to reality now. Terps lost in the Elite 8 and its back to work tonight, well first I will be seeing the Hunger Games finally with Alicia beforehand =).

Hope everyone is doing well <3

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When the person you love & fight for isn't willing to love & fight back. Leave. True love isn't one sided & you deserve to be fought for. - Craig Owens
honesty within your soul

I feel a proper entry is in order for whoever cares =)

Jan 2012 happenings :

Jan 1 - Kris and I celebrated New Years at Jay's house which was less than 5 miles away from our apartment. Many cafe patron shots were flowing and everyone seemed to be having a great time. For once we didn't have the party in our apartment [ mainly because of Kris mom staying with us and his sister and the baby and how messy this apt is which is other issues]. Some people smoked hookah; I did not. A little bit of basketball outside happened around 2am. Kris and I spent the night and I had the worse sleep of my life, and still managed to drive us home around 9am. No hangover or anything for me which was good. The rest of the day was spent watching football, working on Ander's going away scrapbook [ he was moving to Kazakhstan for three years in a few days at this point], and Kris and I ate Chipotle.

Jan 3 - I got to go to the Caps vs Flames game with my friend Mike, Caps won 3-1

Jan 6 - we all had a cheap dinner at Cici's Pizza and said goodbye to Ander.

Jan 24 - Mike and I went to the 9:30 club to see his boys in Sparks the Rescue play, along with Hit the Lights and D.R.U.G.S who's performance was crazy. Craig Owens <3

and last but not least closing out the end of January .

Jan 29 - Kris and I celebrated 6 years together and had dinner at Joe's Crab Shack [ over rated btw ].

- My co worker Alicia and I will be going to Honduras on a trip to build a school for children on May 24- June 2nd, I have never been out of the USA before and this is all so exciting. We bought the plane tickets last night so it is pretty official. Also our appointment to turn in are passport applications is on Valentines Day at 1pm. I hope everyone is doing well, I will be catching up on journals soon, for now I have to get ready to work, which crossing my fingers will be busy tonight.
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